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We strive to be the best and offering the highest service standards, the most optimal response time, and the highest level of professionalism.


It is our privilege to help seller, buyer, landlord and tenant to achieve their aspirations of high and fast deals and to assist individuals in building up our property portfolio step-by-step from their first dream home to a winning investment property.

In every property transaction we undertake, we are committed to:

  • Listening to our clients
  • Tailoring our solutions to their unique requirements
  • Achieving the best price possible in the shortest possible time


To enhance the quality of life by providing value-added professional service.


We strive to deliver the highest service standards so as to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Add Values

To meet individuals wants and needs. A Long Time Relationship with our clients.


Mindful of the trust our clients place in us, we will be honest and upright in all our business dealings.


We respect and concern for individuals.


Successful assisting our clients to make the right investment decisions. 


Our Company

We have a dynamic and dedicated sentosa cove team of Consultant for Sales, Purchase, Lease and Renting who are experience and commitment to provide excellence and quality Services.

Sentosa Cove Team

The team comprises a group of determined and “elite” specialists who are highly knowledgeable about the Residential and Commercial market. We aim to provide you with professional service and expertise of the field, putting your mind at ease. In addition, our strong network with other major or individual Homeowners, Investors, Landlord and Developers gives us an edge over others . We also work with our affiliated Real Estate Brokers to locate the properties of your choice in the shortest time possible.



Specialize in Sale and Rent:

Shophouse, Office, Restaurant, Good Class Bungalow, Landed, Condominium, Executive Condominium and HDB Resale Flat.

For Shophouse Sale and Rent:

Include Retail, F&B, Medical, Office, Bank

  •  Expansion of Current Shop/Restaurant/Office.
  •  Relocation to Better Choice Shop/Restaurant/Office.
  •  Setting up New Shop/Restaurant/Office for New Branches.
  •  Investing in Sale of Commercial Space.

For Office Sale and Rent:

  • Expansion of Current Office Space.
  • Relocation to Better Choice Office Space
  • Setting up New Office Space for New Branches.
  • Investing in Sales of Commercial Space.

For Sellers and Landlord:

  • Providing Current Market Analysis
  • Providing Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Attaining Maximum Exposure for Properties Listed
  • Attaining the Desired Transaction Values for our Clients
  • Professional Representation
  • Effective Presentation and Follow-up
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Accurate Property Advice on Request
  • After Sales Service

For Tenant:

  • Residential Leasing Short or Long Term for corporate employees.

Our Valued Clients have Benefited Substantially from our Top-Notch Services 

Sentosa Cove


Investment Sales

The Investment Sales Department is a specialized unit that handles en-bloc sales and the sales of high end property portfolio for our clients. This requires the right professionals with years of real estate experience and the intricate knowledge that comes with handling en bloc transactions.We have both the expertise and experience to meet this demand. 

Property Management

Our business offers the services of Property Management. We provide management services to overseas investors and as well as local buyers whom are residing abroad. Owners of properties for rent who are based out of Singapore often require us to manage your rental properties. The department services include:

  • Quarterly statements to the owners
  • Rental collections and follow-up of arrears
  • Updated market reports and rental reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • Arrangement of maintenance and repairs
  • Paying of associated fees and billings from the rent proceeds
  • Point of contact for landlord and tenant
  • Twice yearly property inspections
  • Yearly property condition report
  • Legal assistance (if required)
  • Tenant assessments and background checks

Useful Contacts

  • Bankers: +65 6655 9453
  • Lawyers: +65 6655 9453

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